" Just look at that! "

Established in 2006, Munkii has given us an opportunity to bring our own perspective and flavor
to the modern living space.
Our design summarizes the brand and we are fanatical in creating furniture that loathe getting ignored
and a definite conversational piece. They are great additions that flaunt both beauty and innovation,
designs that are just - keen to ham up your space.

" We design things that exploit the raw and rudimentary outline of the
object. A chair should look like a chair and nothing else.
We don't create, invent or conceive. We discover new ways
to present an already perfect profile. "

Jaren Goh established JG Design in Singapore since 2002 and has since been instrumental in several largely publicized projects including Black Diamond, Opus for Zenum-Switzerland (2004), LAMB for Klapson boutique hotel Singapore, and the well-acclaimed and recognizable Vintage Bookshelf design for Munkii. He was also the Red Dot Design Award winner in 2005 and 2008 . Latest projects include the iconic Wang Lounge Chair Series and Ribbo. His design recipe is a delicate concoction between fine lines and explicit flaunts with a large dose of contemporary taste.

" We want to make furniture that are simply good and useful. "

Our steadfast obsession with quality workmanship and attention to the finer details often get on the nerves of the guys building a piece of Munkii's product. The Munkii team is made up of fussy and picky people and more often than not – we are our worst critics.

Our production is based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai and we will usually ship out from these countries. Most of our shipping destination includes several cities within US, Europe and Asia. Delivery usually takes between 30-60days.